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The Power of Receiving, by Amanda Owen

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

A Brief Introduction A counselor for many years, Amanda discovered that many of her clients had trouble receiving. After extensive exploration around this topic, she came up with tools to help her clients. This eventually turned into a five-week course, a Receive and Manifest Course. Eventually she came out with this book. Here are a few presuppositions and some of the behavioral facts she unearthed. · The world will give only as much as you can receive. · If you want something, you need to know how to receive it. · Life is inherently giving (example- Nature). Culturally, we’re not taught how to receive, or how to balance giving and receiving. In our culture, the Giver is well known and celebrated. The Receiver, may not be used to receiving help, they’re not used to being given to. Being receptive is the ability to receive. Owen felt her clients could better manifest a goal if they were experienced receivers. Her book covers a great deal of experience and research around this whole concept. She has several exercises suggested for people to take. Here is the first exercise, which she calls the Three Steps. 1) Accept all compliments 2) Count your Blessings- write five gratitudes a day 3) Be spiritually naked- meaning be authentic, vulnerable, transparent, revealing our true selves If some of these ideas strike a cord with you, I highly recommend you take a look at her book. ©2021, Jess L. Roat

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