Career Transition

Phase2Careers’ Career Transition Programs


The topic of career transition is overwhelming and our clients change careers either by choice or through external factors, such as mergers or layoffs  Whether you make a career transition by choice or it something that has happened to you, there are lots of steps that need to place. Some individuals want to work differently.  This difference can mean cobbling together a variety of jobs (portfolio).  Or, they want to start their own large or small business. Some of our clients want to enter another industry (nonprofit, high tech, health care, life sciences).


Because our clients have such diverse needs, Phase2Careers has a number of workshops addressing the issue of career transition, including, but not limited to the following:


Re-Inventing You and Your Career: Career Assessment*

  • To assist you in reflecting about your interests, skills, values, experiences, and motivators.

  • Through exercises and self-assessments (Campbell Interest and Skill Survey, Values Card Sorts, Motivated Career Sorts), participants take an introspective look into their assets, logical steps, and ways to test the market.

  • Offered in a group but also be taken individually.  Check the website for latest classes and fees.


Career Industry Panels

  • Throughout the year, career panels from a variety of industries discuss career paths, how to enter/entry steps, trends in the industry, resources, and more…


Workshop about Social Media


Re-Inventing Yourself Panel

  • Career changers discuss their career change processes: what they learned about the process and themselves; resources, and helpful tips and philosophy.


Hot Employment Trends

  • Bay Area experts present throughout the year on industries and jobs that are being created as well as lost.


Portfolio Careers

  • Workshops focus on how to combine a variety of revenue sources and implement a successful portfolio career.