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Common Inquiries

How are you funded?

We are funded entirely through donations. We appreciate your support! Donations are not the only way you can support us. We also have sponsorships and memberships. We accept car donations. And last but not least you can support us by volunteering with us. Check out the Support page for more info on the various ways you can help us not only survive but thrive.

Can I volunteer for Phase2Careers?

Absolutely! We welcome your time and work as much or more than we welcome the donations that allows us to keep afloat. 

Have a special skill and wish to add to our skill mix?  Please let us know. We hold regular volunteer orientations throughout the year.

If you want to volunteer, just send a note to describing the area where you would like to help - from bloggers to social media and from photographer to help with event registration or program reporter (help summarizing a specific program).

How can I find out about the webinars and other programs you have monthly?

Just visit our website on a regular basis. Bookmark our website. You can join our mailing list by filling form below. You can also connect to us via Linkedin. We always announce our programs there.

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