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Teachers in Transition

After teaching for many years, it may be time for a change. You may have logged in several years or perhaps frequently returned to teaching as a reliable standard you could count on. Or perhaps you have only put in a few years and have become disillusioned. Nevertheless the long hours and heavy workload may have caught up to you and you want out. Where do teachers go after teaching? There are many avenues to explore for the multi-talented teacher. Consider all the skills a teacher acquires: · Daily lessons plans that fit into the scope and sequence of a semester or an entire year · Direct delivery of those plans to some 20 -30 students · Meeting the learning needs of a diverse student group through creative multi-sensory instruction · Knowing when to adapt, change and modify instruction whenever the need arises · Effective inter-personal skills to work with students, parents, fellow staff and administrators This demonstrates a vast array of just some of the potential talents and skills teachers can use in another field of work. Now consider these potential avenues for teachers transitioning to something new: · Instructional design- used in business to teach in the corporate world · Writing- strong writing skills are always useful · Human resources · Counseling · Customer success manager · Educational software design and implementation · Entrepreneur- start your own business Of course personal assessments are always helpful to further ascertain what direction to follow. Phase2 Careers can help with that piece as well as other components around career transition that may help you. Here are some links to some career counselors I’ve run across that might be helpful. Good luck in your change for growth, as you grow and change! Jess L. Roat 'Empowering people to be successful' Educator, Trainer, Learning Specialist

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Cecilia olivera
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