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Phase2Careers has  a variety of volunteer opportunities.   And we want you!


Have a special skill?  Want to help out on either a short-term or long-term basis?


Through our volunteer program, we are able to develop Phase2Careers  while serving the “Over 40” community in creating opportunities in their search for a career change or re-employment.  Our goal and vision is to provide opportunities for volunteers to connect and work together towards achieving this goal.


As a nonprofit organization, our needs and interests are growing and evolving.  Whether you decide to get involved in a specific event or make a long-term commitment, you can make a difference.  We are striving to offer a variety of volunteer positions that will be mutually beneficial for both, you, the volunteer and Phase2Careers.


Some examples of specific volunteer needs:


  • Blogger (on a regular or semi regular basis)

  • Photographer

  • Event Registration (for specific programs)

  • Program reporter (summarize a specific program)

  • Social Media


Phase2Careers Volunteers

Volunteer Profile

Have a special skill and wish to add to our skill mix?  
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We hold regular volunteer orientations throughout the year.

Want to volunteer?

Send a note to us: phase2careers@gmail.com


Bob Giusti: Our Phase2Careers’ Volunteer of the Year, 2018

Volunteer of the Year (2018):

Bob Giusti


Place of Residence:

Have lived in San Mateo County all my life


Special Skills or Work Experience:

  • Outreach

  • Public Speaking

  • Candidate Job Interviewing and Selection

  • Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop; MS PowerPoint

  • Member: San Mateo County Commission on Aging (2yrs)



  • Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees

  • Graphic Design Classes at CSM


Favorite Hobbies or pastimes:

  • Designing Greeting Cards, Flyers, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

  • Family Photograph Correction, Repair, and Colorization

  • Spending Quiet time with my wife (and our two cats)

  • Reading History and Historical Novels


Favorite Phase2Careers' program?

  • As a participant: Career Fairs and Mock Interview Sessions

  • As a viewer: "Successful Job Search Strategies: Challenges and Solutions for the “Over 40” Worker"


What got you to volunteer for Phase2Careers?

I attended Ron's "Steps to Job Search" presentation and liked what Ron was doing so much, I told him afterwards that I'd like to become a volunteer.


What project(s) are working on for Phase2Careers?

Designing a Workbook to accompany the "New Retirement" presentation  



Want to volunteer?

Send a note to us: phase2careers@gmail.com

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