The Gratitude Connection by Eve Visconti

Good things come in small packages, and so it is with Amy Collette's, "The Gratitude Connection: Embrace the Positive Power of Thanks." Simple, much truth, written in an easy-to-digest format, with emphasis on the self-improvement exercises she advocates. The language is straightforward and conversational, and most of all, upbeat and inspirational.  The topics covered are all encompassing with the major theme of love running throughout the book. She gives us the road map to inner peace and for finding joy in life and relationships. The book really packs a punch in just 125 pages, and includes resources to continue your personal growth. Collette  embraces a fundamental life-changing attitude of gratitude - focusing on what you have, not what you don't have, for living in the present, and for deepening personal relationships through expression of love and gratitude.   She says: "Gratitude is a high-energy emotion; once you start feeling it, it seeps into everything in your life, like air." This book would be an excellent adjunct to help you in your job search and/or your career transition, as well as for a personal growth. It also would work well as a follow up to a Gratitude personal growth workshop. 

Eve Visconti is a writer and English writing coach.  Has a MS in Counseling and she has worked extensively in the nonprofit world.