Possibility vs. Probability

As we seek gainful employment, our search usually leads us into career fields where we have experience. Sometimes we explore related fields that offer similar work, where one can use the same talents and skills. All these efforts tend to fulfill probable results. There’s a higher probability that we will find work in the same or related fields. It surely seems these related fields of probable employment are the most viable.

Yet we can be open to possibility. These are efforts into areas of interest that may be remotely related to past work or may encompass a brand new adventure. What of the possibility that one of these new interests becomes ones new work life? That is my question. When entertaining ideas that may illuminate new talents and skills (or using old skills in a new way), it’s an adventure into new uncharted territory. These are realms of possibility that may bear fruit. The ideas may take time to ripen. This reminds me of the song lyric, “Keep your day job until your night job pays.” These new endeavors may be linked to our passions. We’re told to follow our true interests, the passions that drive our purpose. Employers will reward our enthusiasm. The risk is worth it. Just keep that day job until the night job pays.

November 2020. Jess L. Roat Jess Roat is an Educational Specialist.