Five Simple Tips To Help With Your Job Search In Today's World

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

By Barbara Gough CCTC CPRW

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Looking for a job is not an easy task. Some of the most important aspects of a successful job search (staying motivated, being positive, and believing in yourself) are difficult enough, but during a pandemic this is even more true.

Another critical point to the job search is time. During this pandemic time feels different. How many of us have lost track of what day of the week it is? How many of us can’t believe that it is already November? It feels as though the days go by slowly but the months disappear quickly. During a job search we need to use our time well. Try to allocate time each week in ways that continue to move you forward in your search. Despite being in our houses more, with fewer distractions from the outside world, most of us have found new diversions. This can be kids, cooking, television, gardening, or just about anything! Time evaporates quickly if we’re not careful.

Acknowledge these changes in your life. A job search is hard work and during a pandemic, even more so. Also, a job hunt that happens predominantly on your computer can feel lonely. It’s easy to lose confidence. Be kind to yourself. Understand that finding a job is a process. It takes time, hard work and the belief that you will succeed.

What can you do to make your job search easier? Below are five simple suggestions:

1) Allocate time to your search and then enjoy what remains of your day. A mistake that people commonly make is to worry 24/7 about finding their next job. Worrying does not accomplish anything. Instead, work hard on your search and then appreciate the time you have to do other things. You will be much more productive.

2) Realize that you are not alone. We may be sitting by ourselves in our houses but there are plenty of job seekers around us. Recruit a friend who is also job hunting and meet weekly on Zoom to share your ups and downs. Consider joining a job search group or attend virtual seminars where you can meet other job seekers. Perhaps you can hire a career coach to keep you motivated and on track.

3) Having a strong resume and LinkedIn profile will bring confidence to your search. It’s like wearing a new outfit to an interview – you need to feel good! Make sure that your resume and LinkedIn are up to date and reflect your goals. Have someone else review your information. It is so easy to miss our own mistakes!

4) Don’t spend more than 15 to 20 minutes at a time searching for jobs online. Job boards can be overwhelming. Find a few jobs that seem of interest and move on. You can check the boards again later in the day or tomorrow. If you spend too much time on a job board your head will be spinning.

5) If you hate networking it’s time for an attitude shift. This is an important part of your job search (even during a pandemic). Don’t be nervous or afraid. Networking is simply talking to people, learning new things and making connections. Once we start to enjoy reaching out to people, everything about the job search becomes easier.

Barbara Gough

Career, Executive & Entrepreneur Consultant

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