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Oscar Garcia Delivers Oscar Performance To Help Older Job Seek


With only days to go until the Academy Awards, workshop attendees were treated today to an Oscar performance at a job strategy workshop hosted by Phase2Careers. Oscar Garcia, Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of Aspira, gave a fiery talk filled with great tips to inspire older job seekers to take a fresh approach to job seeking.

Garcia stressed that people over 40-years-old have a lot of experience that companies need. The problem is that they have a lot of challenges, such as family issues or getting laid off and it’s difficult for them to get a new job. As a 51-year-old himself, Garcia said he uses his age as an advantage. “I don’t need 10 offers,” he said. “I just need the right one.”

A major key to staying in the game is building and nurturing relationships. Garcia said the

longest time he was out of a job was six weeks because he knows how to build relationships.

“Nurture relationships all the time,” he emphasized.

He also advised against disqualifying yourself from a job because you don’t think you meet the requirements. He said most job requirements are merely a wish list. “If the person who left the position reapplied, he wouldn’t have qualified,” Garcia said.

Garcia encouraged job seekers to embrace F.E.A.R. “If there’s a fire, we run out. Firefighters run in,” he said. By F.E.A.R., he means:

• Be Flexible

• Embrace change

• Aspire (be willing to look for more)

• Get Results

For older workers, Garcia said it’s also important to keep up with technology and what the

younger people know, even with pop culture. That way, we can relate better to our younger co-workers.

As the son of an undocumented immigrant, Garcia himself used the F.E.A.R principles to overcome his own life challenges. He says he succeeded because he is different. “Be yourself,”he said.

Contributed by Michelle Rosenaur

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As a Digital Literacy Instructor at JobTrain, Michelle helps both older and younger workers to update their skills in basic computing, Microsoft Office Suite, and Google Suite. She also teaches relational database and SQL programming at UC Santa Cruz Extension in Silicon Valley.

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