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Artificial Intelligence: Section Three. AI. Scourge or Benefit?

​by Jim McDonald

Score the following AI applications with a plus (+) or (-) to indicate a list of AI applications as benefit or scourge - to you, or to our society.

Scourge? Over surveillance of human behavior?

Example one. A warning by the ACLU. According to Jay Stanley, Senior Policy Analyst for the ACLU, that the advent of video analytics could have a negative effect on how we behave, some good, most scourge. The ACLU has warned its readers (Bay Area News Group, June 14. 2019) to be aware of a hyper form of video analytics, that Stanley says, when implemented, will be able to scour the human landscape in motion for aberrant behavior, minutia human gestures, habits, choice and human interaction.

Example two. AI applications are seemly endless, but not all AI applications appeal to all. Retail institutions, for example, with benefits to sellers and buyers, foretell the chance for bias by those in positions of power by restricting products to some and allowing to others.

Example three. Military Drones Do you consider military drones a scourge or benefit to our society?

Other AI applications.

Military Cybersecurity

Vision algorithms

Collision Avoidance auto systems

Autonomous Vehicles - Cabs, trucks

Commercial Drones

Medical Devices and Diagnosis

Insurance Underwriters and Claims Representatives

Bank Tellers and Representatives

Financial Analysts

Construction Workers


Taxi drivers


Energy and mining industry

Healthcare specialists

Manufacturing applications

Retail Specialists

Software Development specialists Human Resources (oops - Grandpa's profession!)

Macro labor Market effects. Presently, automation is proceeding at a relatively slow pace because labor markets are loose and labor supply is plentiful, However, if immigration continues to be restricted, the market may become tighter. Similarly, the baby boomer generation are retiring and withdrawing from the workplace, and their generational cohorts will be fewer.

Forecast. Jobs and Careers, such as in the creative, technology, or health care industries, in which the building of or decision making about relationships are central, will thrive during the next wave of automation.

Jim McDonald. Senior Human Resource manager and consultant, author, corporate and individual transition specialist. Master of Science in Industrial Psychology.

Developed general model of occupational and career progression for first and second editions of, “Behavioral Strengths and Employment Strategies.” Two unpublished books, “Jobs and careers in translton,” for the defense industry engineer. “A College Student’s Guide to the World of Work,” for the recent college graduate. Recent presentations on the impact of artificial intelligence on occupational development and career progress, in today’s world of work. Taught classes on HR information system for San Francisco State College, and Golden Gate University. NCHRA Emeritus.

Jim is a frequent panelist and presenter to Phase2Careers audiences.

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