Just heard Studs Terkel’s podcast interviews with working people during the early 1970's.

Studs Terkel was an oral historian.  He captured the voices of people through his  interviews on a variety of topics: the Great Depression,  life at the turn of the century, and so much more. 


In his book, Working, he told the stories of ordinary working people who shared their experiences and how their work impacted their lives.  Please note:  some of the individuals he interviewed, had jobs that have since disappeared.


Work is emotional and it gives us energy, and sometimes, can take it away. Listen to their stories and tell me what you think. 


His interview of a multi generational family-owned car shop holds true today.  Aren't we talking about how to get along with a multi generational workforce?


Studs is not doing informational interviews about a variety of jobs, he is trying to get into the emotional state of the workers, and to learn about the nitty gritty parts of the job---the good, the bad, and the ugly.


The podcast is taken from the research and interviews, Studs Terkel, did when he in wrote his book, Working, which had a great impact on me.


I hope that you will enjoy this glimpse into workers and their work, and the emotional and motivational side that we often overlook. 

By Ron Visconti, MA

Executive Director