Career Conversations

Relationship Building during the Pandemic  

 Randy Block (19min)

Branka, Leach, Visconti, Venturi (59min)

Copy of Ageism In The Job Search, It's r

Ageism in the Job Search

Part 2

Ageism in the Job Search

Branka, Leach, Visconti, Venturi (54min)

Part 1

Steve Budd (1).JPG

Creating Compelling

Accomplishment Stories

Steve Budd, Actor/Writer


Effective Salary Negotiation for Women

Laura Leach, Career Coach

Meredith Consulting (15min)

Prime Spark:  Women Over 55, It's Our Time

Sara B. Hart, PhD


Making a Career Change:

Building Upon Your Strengths

Irene Marshall, Career Coach Tools for Transition (16min)

High Tech and the Older Worker

Nancy Branka, Director of Communications, the Access Group (15min)

Korie Pelka.jpeg

Identifying Your Strengths, Skills & Motivation

Korie Pelka, Whats Inside Your Mary Poppins Bag?


Ron Elsdon.jpeg

How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path

Dr. Ron Elsdon, author 



Life Between Jobs:  Out of Work...Not out of WORTH

​Dr. David Petrovay, author,