Board of Directors

Barbara Gough

Barbara Gough has spent more than 20 years working in technology media with accounts such as Apple, Intuit and Microsoft.

She is the principal of MediaThrive, LLC, specializing in business strategy, customer success and partnership development for small businesses.

During this time her company helped many American/Canadian technology companies implement their first international branding campaigns. Under her management, sales increased from zero to over 10 million.

In addition to her consulting practice, she is currently working with a business partner creating a seminar for entrepreneurs focused on business issues critical to startup founders.


Ann has enjoyed a 32 year career at Franklin Templeton Investments in the HR Area.  Ann’s beginning at Franklin Templeton was a “return to work” into the corporate world when she was over the age of 40!  She selected Franklin Templeton after researching their culture and commitment to career development.  While Ann was afforded the opportunity to grow and develop within the HR department in various areas, her passion was in recruitment.  As a Senior Recruiter, she has successfully worked with most of the departments within Franklin Templeton and is proud of the many hires she has facilitated.  Ann feels her success in recruitment is greatly attributed to her goal to put candidates at ease during an interview to better find out more about them as a “person” and have them better convey their skills as they pertain to their desired position.  Ann has enjoyed the opportunity to represent Franklin Templeton at many Phase2 events over the years. 

Sayuri-Yuli Norrish

Sayuri-Yuli Norrish Experienced in research in personality psychology and teaching statistics and research methods.

Developed personality measurement and text batteries in Japan to help high school students to find a good match for their major in college. Also one did research on job seekers to find a good match for their next - phase2! - career.

Lucy Thompson

Lucy Thompson is a Bay Area native. She received her Bachelor's degree from SJSU, worked in Marketing and traveled the world with Interop Networking tradeshows.  For the past 5 years she has worked as a Recruiter and job coach. Recently she joined NOVA as a Career Advisor where she enjoys helping people navigate their career moves, gain training and land amazing jobs.

Ron Visconti, Executive Director

Ron Visconti has extensive experience in workplace issues and has helped all levels of job seekers of all levels navigate through difficult transitions and career change. He brings passion and boundless energy to his mission: helping the "Over 40" worker. He brings a sense of community to every organization he has worked with. He has also served on numerous committees involving workplace issues, disabilities, and volunteerism.