Don't Let Fear Decide Your Future

by Janet McDonald

On June 25, 2019, Phase2Careers hosted Bernadette McBurnie for an engaging evening on the topic of “Never Let Fear Decide Your Future!”

Bernadette is an Entrepreneur and passionate environmentalist committed to helping others overcome their fears in both business endeavors and personal challenges.  She made that point at the very beginning of her presentation when she showed a fabulous video of her and daughter jumping out of a plane skydiving over Monterey Bay. And oh yes…she has incredible motion sickness and fear of heights! 


Her message was compelling and with a holistic approach:

Integrated Success: Lead, Love, Thrive…

Mind, Community, Health, Career/Business, Family/Love, and Finances

Learning how to respond is key – The fears we don’t face become our limits…Be brave enough to face your fears. 

Fear is an emotional reaction. It is not inherently bad or good but a tool you can use to make better decisions.

As a participant at the forum, my personal take away from the evening is to stop running from those fears and face them head on.  I get so tired of that insecure creature sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear all the time. Time to take them on, one by one. Once we face those fears, they can no longer intimidate us or continue to make us uncomfortable. 

In closing, Bernadette had a dynamic slide to share:

Be conscious of the choices you make - they create the life that you live.

Discover how Bernadette can empower you to thrive. Contact her at:



Janet McDonald is an active Phase2Careers volunteer and participant.

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