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Lily Yip: Our Featured Phase2Careers’ Volunteer

I'm delighted to feature our volunteer for the month, Lily Yip. Lily has been the glue for communicating and organizing our growing list of volunteers for the last several months. Her background is in marketing and communications. with an in-depth knowledge of global sourcing etc. She has helped out at numerous events and her knowledge and expertise is a real plus to our organization. Thanks, Lily for volunteering your time.


Lily Yip

Name: Lily Yip

Place of Birth: San Jose, CA

Place of Residence: Mountain View

Special Skills or Work Experience: Global Sourcing

Education: AA Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising

Favorite Hobbies or pastimes: Yoga, Cooking, Traveling, Meeting up with friends

Favorite Phase2Careers' program? Mixers, Boot camp workshop

What got you to volunteer for Phase2Careers? I wanted to give back to Phase2Careers

What project(s) are working on for Phase2Careers? Helping Ron with the coordination and communication with all Phase2Careers' volunteers

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Gigi Yango:  Our Featured Phase2Careers’ Volunteer


Gigi Yango

Gigi is currently the Volunteer Coordinator for Phase2Careers assisting us in all aspects of recruiting, as well as managing our volunteer talent pool.  She brings enthusiasm, persistence, great organizational skills and a team approach to our volunteer program.


Professional Background
She has an MBA and 8 years of work experience in the insurance services industry.

What are you passionate about?
My family -- especially my 15-month old daughter, issues involving health and fitness, and a balanced lifestyle.


Tennis, cooking, photography, traveling, hiking.

What got you to started volunteering for Phase2Careers?
I attended a P2C's event and personally benefited from the career resources provided by the organization and wanted to give back, especially while I have some free time on hand before I start my next career. 

What are you doing for Phase2Careers?
I am helping Ron with coordinating volunteer activities and a few special projects. I am organized, possess good communication/customer service skills, able to get projects done timely.

What Phase2Careers' programs doing you most like being part of?
I most like being part of employment/panel roundtables because I have a chance to witness the professional interactions between job seekers and HR professions and the mutual benefits from these "networking" events.


We appreciate all of Gigi's efforts including her countless hours of devotion and professionalism and serving as the glue to our volunteer program.



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