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Bob Giusti:  Our Featured Phase2Careers’ Volunteer


Bob has impacted Phase2Careers in so many ways---from giving and advising job seekers about professional development and educational advancement, to spearheading our graphics and PowerPoint campaigns, as well as assisting us at our many programs and events.

Professional Background

Bob started his career as a Credit Reporter for Dun & Bradstreet, Inc. for 3.5 years. He found his calling serving others during more than 20 years in college counseling, outreach, and enrollment management; 25+ years of public speaking; design and management of 240+ exhibits at college, government, and professional fairs; graphic design using MS PowerPoint, MS Publisher, and Adobe Illustrator; and most recently as a Notary Public.


What are you passionate about?

Sharing my knowledge to help adults (i.e. counseling adults for college entry, completion, and graduation Phase2Career job seekers); animals, especially cats, dogs, and horses; high standard of ethics in my professional and personal lives; SF Giants, and SF 49ers .



Reading (literary classics, historical accounts and novels, and self-improvement in particular).


What got you to started volunteering for Phase2Careers?

I met Ron Viscontiat a presentation he gave for a job search networking group and thought I had something to offer Phase2Careers.

What are you doing for Phase2Careers? Want to hear about how your skills are 
being used.

My greatest contributions to Phase2Careers are my web article: “Education and the ‘Over 40’ Job Seeker: an Overview”, my presentations, and creation of various PowerPoint slides, signs, and publicity materials; and working with those who attend our events, classes, and presentations.

What Phase2Careers' programs doing you most like being part of?
Job Fair, Mock Interview, and any education-themed event.

We appreciate all of Bob’s efforts including his countless hours of devotion and professionalism.


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