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With preparation and understanding of the importance of the job fair, the job seeker can accomplish a variety of personal and professional goals. The job fair can become an effective part of your job search process. 

At a job fair, you can:

  • Meet a variety of employers all in the span of a few hours

  • Access a variety of positions all under one roof

  • Be able to research industries and specific jobs

  • Get a barometer of the hiring climate

  • Conduct a job search while you are presently employed

  • If you are a career changer, learn about new industries and companies that are recruiting

Job fairs can assist you by:

  • Fine tuning your communication and interviewing skills

  • Giving you the opportunity to meet managers and recruiters in person

  • Creating more energy in your job search.

Check the upcoming job fair announcement for the specific companies planning to attend.


What Can You Do To Prepare?

  1. Come with plenty of resumes. Bring at least 15-20.

  2. Go to the smaller lines first by doing so you are able to practice your "pitch" and learn about new companies and their openings.

  3. The whole idea of a job fair is to talk to a wide net of employers.  Expand your circle of employers that you talk with---look for new opportunities.

  4. Be prepared to ask one or two questions.

  5. Talk about your skills and achievements. Be sure to come away from the event with more information about the job, company, or industry, than you came in with.

  6. How you approach the event is key. Are you going in with a positive attitude?

  7. Have specific goals.  "I am going to talk with at least 5, 10, or 15 companies."

  8. At the end of the job fair, you should come away with specific tangibles - new connections, new resources, and greater skill in communicating your interests and achievements.

  9. An effective job search includes a variety of strategies and the job fair is a critical part of the

  10. Before you attend the job fair, check the websites of those attending and have familiarity with what they do and their current openings.

  11. And remember:  followup, followup, followup.  


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