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Phase2Careers' Entrepreneur Profile - Bruce Finocchio

Bruce Finocchio

Tell me about your new business.  Why did you get started?  What do you do?

I started my nature photography business in 1994, so it’s not new. What’s new is that it’s full time now; I am actually trying to make a living at it. 

If I can make living, then, I can do what I love all the time.  Make enough money to travel and photography wildlife in different locations; see wonderful inspiring wildlife across the world.


What passions do you bring to your business?

I love nature and wildlife; every moment is unique and special, evolving before your eyes with splendor, beauty, and awe. 

I was lucky to experience nature when I was young, and this experience over the years led to a love of the earth.  I bring this love to my photography, capturing images that sing with beauty.


What did you learn in the Start and Grow Smart class?

To have a successful business you have to have a plan, a road map to follow, your ideas, objectives, and strategies need to be written down. The Start and Grow class really helped me formulate my plan and crystallize ideas to make my business successful.


Any suggestions for those starting a new business?

You have to have passion and love what you are doing.  Find your music and don't let it die within you.  Then, establish a good business plan, learn from others, find mentors and others who can assist you in areas where you need expertise.  Develop a team and business family that support and help your business grow and become successful. 


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